1. Interested individuals/groups must first secure a site at Doheny State Beach with Denise Estrada, Picnics & Special Events Coordinator Email: (“DSB”)  Please see the attached Reservation & Regulations form.

2. DSB will go over the specific rules & regulations and if you are interested, you would then make a non-refundable payment to the State depending on the site you want.

3. Alcohol requires a separate permit and fee.  A State Monitor (Ranger) may be required for some larger and special events.  (Areas A & B and 1-4 are the only sites permitted for Alcohol)

4. Generators for lighting must be approved by DSB and may require a permit and Monitor.

5. No amplified sound during peak season, which includes PA’s (bullhorns are never permitted).  Amplification when approved, is for music only during off-season (Oct.-March).

6. The beach Palapa is only available off-season (Oct-March) and may have Alcohol with Monitor, Fencing and Signage.

7. Catering services are through the State approved Concession ONLY.  DOHENY FOOD COMPANY is the only authorized catering company allowed to cater at DSB.

8. No outside catering by private companies or restaurants are allowed at DSB.  All catering inquiries must go through DOHENY FOOD COMPANY.

9. You can bring your own food in and bbq and serve it yourself, but any outside type catering coming into the park is forbidden (even drop offs/deliveries).

10. DOHENY FOOD COMPANY does not secure sites, alcohol permits, volleyball reservations or monitors for clients. You must go through DSB office (see #1 above).


1. Any vendor that is coming on-site must be pre-approved by the State.

  • We have a pre-approved Vendor List with the State.
  • Client’s providing their own Vendors must get it approved first through the State.

2. Vendors must have the required insurance as follows:

A. Combined single limit (CSL) $500,000 per occurrence.
B. Combined single limit (CSL) $1,000,000 per occurrence.
C. Public liability $300,000 per person/$500,000 each occurrence
D. Property damage, Liability and Products damage liability $100,000’.

3. Vendors must provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the “State of California” and Doheny Food Company as ‘additional insureds’. Mailing to: Doheny State Beach, 25300 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point, CA 92629

4. The State charges vendors 18% on the gross invoice.

  • The State charge of 18% for vendors DOHENY FOOD COMPANY uses will be included in our gross invoice amount and we will pay the State directly.
  • Clients who wish to provide their own vendors, must provide the State with the invoice reflecting the 18% State Fee and then payment must be made directly to the State from either the Vendor or the Client.

State Rules And Regulations For Doheny State Beach Group Picnic Sites

Picnic Areas: A and B – All Reservation Fees are Per Day and are Non-Refundable

1. The group size requirement is 100 to 500 people per area.

Area A has 30 picnic tables & three shade canopies;
Area B has 20 picnic tables & 2 shade canopies.
Each area has 1 large fire ring, 1 large B.B.Q. grill, sinks, counters, cold drink bin, and electrical outlets (15-20 amps). Surrounding grass areas are not included.

June 1st to September 30th
Area A: $425 (Monday – Thursday)
Area A: $850 (Friday)
Area A: $1,300 (Saturday – Sunday)
Area B: $325 (Monday – Thursday)
Area B: $650 (Friday)
Area B: $950 (Saturday – Sunday)

October 1st to May 31st
Area A: $425 (Monday – Thursday)
Area A: $525 (Friday)
Area A: $750 (Saturday – Sunday)
Area B: $325 (Monday – Thursday)
Area B: $425 (Friday)
Area B: $550 (Saturday – Sunday)

Areas 1 – 4 and 7 – 13
1. The group size requirement is 50 comfortably and up to 100 people per area.
2. Each area has 6 picnic tables, 1 large fire ring, 4 pedestal B.B.Q.’s – all on concrete pads.
3. Surrounding grass areas are not included.

June 1st to September 30th
$150.00 per area (Monday-Thursday)
$175.00 per area (Fridays)
$225.00 per area (Saturday and Sunday)

October 1st to May 31st
$100.00 per area (Monday-Thursday)
$125.00 per area (Fridays)
$175.00 per area (Saturday and Sunday)


1. The group size requirement is no more than 25 people per area. 5 and 6 are intended for single families/small groups only.
2. Each area has 4 picnic tables and 4 pedestal B.B.Q.’s – all on concrete pads. No Fire Ring is provided. Grass areas not included.

$50.00 per area (Mon. – Thurs.)
$125 per area (Fri., Sat., Sun.)

Beach Palapa

The Palapa is located on the beach in front of the snack bar. It is a beautiful location for a special event during the low season. Approval and fees are determined by the details of the special event. Alcohol is only permitted in this area with special approval, additional permit fees and a required Ranger Monitor. No other amenities are included in the cost. Min. cost is $400 for 4 hours. (OCT-NOV)

Food, Alcohol and Entertainment Regulations

Food and/or beverages cannot be sold to members of your group or to the public. You may bring in your own food and serve it yourself. No outside catering is allowed including drop offs/deliveries/pick up. Catering must go through the current State approved concessionaire, Doheny Food Company (

All Outside vendors/services and all entertainment must have Park approval, no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date. No vehicles are permitted on sidewalks or in picnic areas for loading or unloading of food and supplies. Violations of these and any park policy will result in citation and eviction of the group/event. Amplified sound is not permitted, this includes public address systems and bullhorns.

Alcohol may be consumed at sites A and B, and sites 1 through 4 with the completion of an Alcohol Waiver Form that is available at Doheny State Beach and its website. The non-refundable alcohol waiver fees are:

Sites 1-4 $175.00
Site A $425
Site B $325.00


Group reservations do not guarantee parking (or entry when park is full). All parking is on a “first-come, first-served basis”.
Parking fees:
$15.00 per vehicle (normal day-use fee)
$50.00 per bus* (10 – 24 passengers
$100.00 per bus* (25 or more passengers)


Information for Making a Reservation

1. Reservations may be made up to one year in advance. An area is not reserved until the reservation paperwork and the full reservation fees are received at Doheny by the Picnic and Special Events Permit Coordinator.
2. Reservations may be made in person or mailed to Doheny State Beach, located at 25300 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, CA 92629. Office hours are 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
3. A $50 processing fee will be charged to all groups requesting a change in date or site, once the reservation has been booked. Requests for transfers of date or site must be made 30 or more days prior to the booked picnic date or they will not be accepted. The request must be in writing/email.
4. No reservations are accepted for Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.
5. Doheny State Beach’s picnic reservation email is
6. FAX and e-mail requests will not be accepted.
7. We accept cash or checks and credit cards, Master Card, Visa and Discover only.
8. All reservation information and forms are on the website: – Email:

Alcohol Waiver Form For Doheny State Beach

Click here to download the Alcohol Waiver Form as found on their website.